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Millions of people related to it. That sadness was not imagined or confected.

All four members of Abba experienced private sorrows as they grew up in postwar Sweden, from family poverty to parental coldness and debilitating shyness. She and her mother moved to Sweden for a fresh start only for Synni to die suddenly of a kidney infection. Brought the girl up in straitened circumstances by her hardworking but distant grandmother, Frida understandably developed a morose outlook on life.

Scarcely believable misfortune followed Frida even after the end of Abba. Agnetha already had a patchy career singing Schlager and Frida sang blues and jazz.


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Though they formed Abba at a low ebb in their individual fortunes, the band was in fact a sort of supergroup. And they were perhaps lucky that they were initially popular only in Sweden and Scandinavia for the first few years of Abba, in and By the time they came on the international scene with Waterloo they had a much clearer picture of what they wanted to be.

They gently bring up that yearning, Phil Spector quality that is so marvellous. Abba dissolved at the end of and by now even the most committed fan surely accepts that they will never work together again. The legal acrimony of the post-split years has ebbed away and by all accounts the four former members of Abba get along well now.


By Craig McLean. At another interactive exhibit, you can create your own mix of one of the innumerable hits that powered the band to million album and singles sales. Or you can make your own pop video to Summer Night City.

Sadly, this museum is probably the closest any fan will ever get. While his soon-to-be-ex-wife was increasingly craving more time with their children Ulvaeus, alongside songwriting partner Benny Andersson, was a slave to the recording studio. We were talking in a grand, castle-style conference venue in another part of the Swedish capital. Now a year-old grandmother of three, she was promoting A, her first solo album in nine years.

But then, there was long periods when the boys were writing and we could take it easy and be with the children. That could be half a year sometimes.

Why ABBA won't be getting back together

I loved to come home. Abba: a year Scandi sensation. We're still thanking Abba for the music, 40 years after Eurovision. We just live a normal life. I sing with them at the piano. But they are not aware of all things that has happened. The still shaggy-haired, still-spry year-old pops some chewing tobacco in his mouth and presses play on a laptop.

Then out booms the arena-sized, synth-pop storm und drank of Voulez-Vous.

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After it ends, the keyboard player holds his hands up. And I was responsible for the counting. He plays Knowing Me, Knowing You. The description solicits all sorts of lusty yells from that windy north London arena.

Abba - The Day Before You Came

Hearing this 35 years on, Andersson rolls his eyes. She writes good stuff.

ABBA The Museeum in Stockholm | Visit Sweden

There are only a few demonstrations of this. The video is worth watching purely out of historical interest and how things have changed. This experiment and phenomenon have absolutely nothing to do with that group or song. In short, in the ABBA effect, you carry out two different simple responses to two different stimuli. The first stimulus called Stimulus A is viewed, a response is planned but withheld until the end of the trial. Then a second stimulus called Stimulus B is shown and the participant must respond immediately Response B. Then, the participant must finish the trial with the final response A, which should hopefully still linger in short term memory.

The whole trial takes around 6 seconds. Below is a schematic picture of a trial in the ABBA paradigm. Now you understand why it is called ABBA. It is about the sequence of stimuli and responses.