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Published online: 5 Dec Mousa Alavi et al. Published online: 11 Feb Published online: 27 Dec A bog or swamp is a most disagreeable place in which to be caught, and calls for calmness to get out without a wetting or fall. The acrobatic youth ran to a big tree growing close to the edge of the swamp.

Shades of Tom Wheeler as the FCC buckles to a Trump agenda instead of freeing up spectrum.

Immediately below Tiptonville the swamp for many miles extends entirely to the river. A plank or fence-rail served as a temporary draw-bridge, which was pulled into the swamp after passing over. It was also the most dangerous part of the swamp because safe trails were few.

Move Executive Agencies Out of D.C.

Figurative sense is from Related: Swamped ; swamping. There is so much going on, which means it can be hard to keep up To help parse through all this lingo and President Trump's Tweets , we've put together some terms that just keep popping up. Nearby words swallowwort , swam , swami , swammerdam , swammerdam, jan , swamp , swamp andromeda , swamp azalea , swamp boat , swamp buggy , swamp buttonwood.