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Take this music masterpiece, a film that unfolds like a great lost folk album and contains so-far-career-best work from Oscar Isaac. While there are positive qualities to all the iterations of this classic Jack Finney story, this is the best film version, the one starring Donald Sutherland, Jeff Goldblum, and Leonard Nimoy. This is no mere Christmas movie but a story about the impact that one man can have on an entire community. It really defined the on-screen persona of Jimmy Stewart and has become a beloved film around the world, even in warm weather.

Joe Nicolas Cage has become one of the kings of VOD, so you may find it hard to believe that there are actually good, recent films from him that you can watch at home too. When he really cares about a project, he delivers, as he does in this David Gordon Green film about a foreman who befriends a teenage boy and chooses to release him from the grip of an abusive father. One of his most underrated genre experiments is this prescient black comedy about everyone wanting their 15 minutes of fame. Robert De Niro gives an unforgettable performance as Rupert Pupkin, an unhinged stand-up comedian who becomes obsessed with a talk-show host, played by Jerry Lewis.

Saoirse Ronan stars as the titular character, a young Californian who longs for someplace cooler than her own hometown. Lean on Pete Andrew Haigh makes nuanced, subtle character studies, and this is one of his best. Charlie Plummer stars as a boy who befriends the horse that gives this delicate film its title. He plays Ben Sanderson, a screenwriter so in the grip of alcoholism that he goes to Las Vegas with the plan to drink himself to death.

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There he meets Sera Elizabeth Shue , a hooker with a heart of gold who gives him a reason to live. This is not your typical explorer movie as Gray seeks to present something more challenging about why men seek the unexplored and commit themselves long past the point of sanity to seemingly impossible tasks.

The Machinist Even people who have never seen this movie know the story of how Christian Bale nearly killed himself with weight loss to make it all the more harrowing. Bale stars as Trevor Reznik, an insomniac who spirals into complete madness.

And it has two scenes that are almost guaranteed to make you cry. If you somehow have never seen it, Frank Sinatra stars as a Korean vet who may be a sleeper agent for enemies of the United States. It has held up better than nearly any other film from its era. Blu-ray release. However, Woody kills it when he goes deeply dramatic too as in this Oren Moverman drama about the men who tell loved ones that soldiers have died in combat.

Ben Foster is incredible here too. Midnight Cowboy One of the most influential and important films of its era, Midnight Cowboy won Oscars for Best Picture, Director, and Adapted Screenplay, which is in itself a sign of how much film was about to change.

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Gone were the days of crowd-pleasing Oscar winners, and an era of progressive, complex storytelling was about to begin. Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman give two of the most iconic performances in film history here. Darren Aronofsky talked someone at Paramount into letting him make the strangest and most ambitious studio film in years. Jennifer Lawrence stars in the movie that notoriously angered audiences when it was released in theaters, but this movie has a loyal fan base for a reason and it seems to be growing. If only more studios made more crazy movies. Mud A key entry in the McConaughaissance is this coming-of-age thriller from the great Jeff Nichols.

McConaughey stars as the title character, someone living way off the grid who is discovered by two local boys in the Deep South. You think the version had an impressive cast? The director of Drive delivered one of his most unforgettable flicks in this horror film about the fashion industry, featuring a fearless performance by Elle Fanning.

And Keanu Reeves is in it too! Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky followed this case so closely that they produced two sequels to this doc in and , both of which are also on Prime. Kirk Douglas stars as the commanding officer of a group of men on trial for not going through with a suicidal order. We come to care for this guy as he endeavors to make it home with his polar opposite, perfectly played by Martin. The unlikely partnership even created a campaign called Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners, which proved remarkably successful in raising the profile of both movements in the U. Or that it would be on streaming services only a year after its release?

This one is going to age well. Oldman is great, but the movie is stolen by its powerful female cast, including Lena Olin, Annabella Sciorra, and Juliette Lewis.

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  8. Yeah, you want to see that. The story is secondary to the stunt work, which includes some of the best choreographed and shot car-chase sequences of all time. Your pulse will race. We guarantee it. The Running Man This one is peak Ah-nuld. Is it a great movie?

    With his focus on body horror and buckets of blood, this one still has the power to shock. It was shot under the title Orgy of the Blood Parasites.

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    The Shootist Every once in awhile a film comes along that deconstructs not just a character but the career of a performer. John Wayne has a couple of these fascinating deconstructions, especially his final film, this Don Siegel Western about an over-the-hill shootist in his final days.

    Who else could have directed such a technically precise and visually striking film as Marty did here? People seem to be coming back to this film and agreeing we underrated it when it came out. Join the chorus. They take the money and, well, things go wrong from there.

    Some Like It Hot One of the best comedies ever made. When someone in your life is struggling to watch anything made before , introduce them to this Billy Wilder classic, a movie that is so good that it works as a gateway drug to classic cinema. Jeff Daniels, Laura Linney, and Jesse Eisenberg all give excellent performances in a film that feels both specifically revealing and universal in its themes.

    Star Trek J. Abrams successfully resurrected the then-dead film arc of the U. Enterprise with this fun, clever blockbuster that reboots the entire original series.

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    Stop Making Sense This might be the best concert movie ever made. Opening up more with each song, this film becomes a joyous expression of creativity. How something that awful tears an entire community apart is handled with complexity and grace. Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis give two of the best performances of their careers in this unforgettable story of an assault that sends two women on a fateful road trip.

    Everything about this movie works better than you remember, particularly the performances from its two stars. Cummings wrote, directed, and stars as a cop who is going through a bit of a rough patch, to put it mildly. Just watch the opening scene — the most awkward eulogy in film history — and try and not be hooked.

    Transsiberian Another under-the-radar film you may not have seen, this Brad Anderson thriller owes a great deal to Hitchcock in the way it captures average people caught up in a very not-average situation. International train travel and mystery — what more do you want to know? Kirsten Dunst anchors a dreamy, enchanting movie about the myth of perfection that exists in the world of picket fences in Middle America. This vehicle for Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston should fit the bill.

    David Wain of Wet Hot American Summer fame directs the story of a city couple who end up living in a commune in Georgia. Horror icons Larry Fessenden and Barbara Crampton co-star in a story about grief and the supernatural after two parents move into a disturbing house after the loss of a child. Smartly conceived, written, and constructed, this is the kind of underrated genre flick that you can recommend to your friends when you want to seem smart. Castle-Hughes stars as a year-old who wants to be the leader of her tribe, a role that has been filled by only men for generations.

    Castle-Hughes is so genuine that she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress the youngest at the time to ever be nominated and the story of female empowerment remains timely. After the little girl in your house sees Captain Marvel , introduce her to another kind of hero. Well, what little life he had left.


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    Already a subscriber? Because the show was on for such a comparatively short amount of time, fans often call the output of the year that the show was on the "classic 39" episodes. Gleason and CBS decided together to end the show, and Gleason later said that he felt "the excellence of the material could not be maintained, and I had too much fondness for the show to cheapen it. Frasier also was forced to endure visits from his brother David Hyde Pierce. Because of his portrayal of Frasier on "Cheers" and "Frasier," Grammer currently is the co-owner of the record for longest appearance as a character in live-action primetime television.

    The actor tied with James Arness of "Gunsmoke. While the Huxtables began with four children, oldest daughter Sandra was actually added after what is traditionally viewed as the pilot, giving the Huxtable clan a total of five children. The show featured mostly cheerful banter from his staff, including waitress and love interest Diane Shelley Long , and the bar's frequent patrons. The sitcom was nominated for Best Comedy every year it aired.

    Though the show struggled with getting an audience early on, it later earned very high ratings. Producers were already acquainted with Schwimmer and wrote the role for him, but Cox first auditioned for the role of Rachel before being told by the show's creative team that she'd be a better fit for Monica. The series finale of the show became the most-watched television episode of the decade.