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In six central theme areas ranging from the origins to the blue house, her damaged body, her loved ones, right up to politics, revolution and Diego, the exhibition illuminates the important role that the photographic image played in the life of the painter Frida Kahlo.

The booklet was released there today. The focus of the Reminiscere action for is Indonesia. The flourishing Mainz University from this period served as a model for a great number of other important European universities. The French Revolution left many traces in Mainz. In its wake, the first republic on German soil was founded in Das Leben des Geistes www. Arendt also advocated the diversity of human beings, an advocacy that led to a social and political pluralism, which even in the United States she found only in rudimentary form — for instance, in the civil rights movement.

In her book On Revolution , Arendt explained that only the American revolution had succeeded because only it had created institutions that ensured possibilities of democratic participation, while the French and Russian revolutions had been undone by the social question: a thesis with which neither conservative Frenchmen, liberals nor leftists generally agree.

Full text of "English-German Literary Influences: Bibliography and Survey. Pt. I."

The life of the mind www. The laeter artist had lessons with Francois Boucher. On account of the French Revolution in the summer of , Fragonard lost his aristocratic employer and fled back to his hometown.

In Jean Honore Fragonard painted the precious picture series " Love s progress in a young girl s heart ". It is the case, however, that a systematic approach — and that is the key factor in history lessons — requires that the imagination is truly precise and subjects itself to historical critique and the veto of the sources. If we try to draw a tableau of the history of the modern age, we cannot but think of the event in which the great social ideas of modernity — freedom, equality and fraternity — were to be realised: the French Revolution.

There is powerful anticipation as the Estates-General are summoned, great is the enthusiasm as the National Assembly gets its way in and the delegates swear the oath to give France a new constitution. He is to become one of the very first ethnologists. Returning home, Forster supports the French Revolution after having strengthened his belief that no-one can be allowed to exploit any people. He is therefore branded as a traitor in Germany and has to go to exile in Paris. The French Revolution of was the event which influenced the political landscape in that epoch, beyond the borders of France and also in the longer term.

Although Germany did not succumb to revolutionary change, nevertheless the wars with revolutionary France and its Commander, Napoleon Bonaparte, who for certain periods was able to call himself the ruler of half of Europe, severely shook the great German powers Prussia and Austria. Historiker lenken dabei den Blick auf die Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede zwischen heutigen und vergangenen Lebensweisen und Denkhorizonten.

It is a major self-understanding of historians to deal with the demand for historical orientation in society on an academic level. Cain-type democracy grew out of the French Revolution. In order to discuss this problem, we must first discuss the French Revolution. France in that day was in a period which saw the expansion of the idea of Enlightenment, being led into atheism and materialism by the Cain-type view of life. September 13 Sitzungen Die sogenannte wissenschaftliche Revolution des Jahrhunderts und dem beginnenden Kalten Krieg wollen wir in diesem Seminar kennen lernen.

Starts September 23, 13 Sessions The so-called scientific revolution of the 17th century comes along with the substitution of traditional Aristotelian physics with a new way of interrogating and thinking of nature. In the seminar, we are going to learn about this process and the subsequent developments of modern physics through the centuries, ending with its role in the world wars of the 20th century and the early cold war.

Leitet Herunterladen der Datei ein www. Many of the elements that make up the modern sciences date back to the 17th Century : the technique of experiment, the belief in methods, the mathematization of the universe, or the foundation of scientific journals.

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