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Most of the Herero fled to the almost waterless Omaheke , an offshoot of the Kalahari Desert. From Trotha had them locked down and the refugees chased away from the few water spots there, so that thousands of Herero along with their families and cattle herds died of thirst.

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The hunted in the desert, let Trotha in the so-called Vernichtungsbefehl , "Annihilation Command":. Die Herero sind nicht mehr Deutsche Untertanen. The Herero are no longer German subjects. Within the German border, every Herero is shot with or without a rifle, with or without cattle, I take no more wives and no children, I drive them back to their people or let them be shot. Trotha's warfare aimed at the complete annihilation of the Herero "I believe that the nation must be destroyed as such" [6] and was supported in particular by Schlieffen and Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Trotha's policy remained largely unchanged until its revocation in November The war of annihilation was a further development of the concept of Total War , as the former imperial General Quartermaster Erich Ludendorff had designed. Thereafter, in a coming war, victory must be given unlimited priority over all other societal concerns: all resources would have to be harnessed, the will of the nation had to be made available before the outbreak of the hostilities are unified by propaganda and dictatorship violence, all available weapons would have to be used, and no consideration could be taken of International law.

Even in its objectives, total war is unlimited, as the experience of First World War teaching:. They not only led the armed forces of the states involved in the war, who aspired to annihilate each other; the peoples themselves were put in the service of warfare; the war was also directed against them and pulled them into deepest passion Fighting against the enemy forces on huge fronts and wide seas, the struggle against the psyche and life force of the hostile peoples was joined with the purpose of depressing and paralyzing them.

Ludendorff also dealt with Carl von Clausewitz and his posthumously published work On War , in which he distinguished between 'absolute' and 'limited' wars. But even for Clausewitz absolute war was subject to restrictions, such as the distinction between combatants and non-combatants, between military and civil or between public and private. Ludendorff claimed now that in total war it is no longer a "petty political purpose", not even "big This existential threat also justifies the annihilation of the enemy, at least moral, if not physical.

In the year , his advice was then, as the historian Robert Foley writes, "on fertile ground"; the time seemed ripe for an even more radical delimitation of the war by the National Socialists. The Berlin historian Ernst Nolte called this in a much-quoted formulation as the "most egregious Versklavungs- und Vernichtungskrieg [war of enslavement and annihilation] known to modern history" and distinguished it from a "normal war", as the Nazi regime conducted against France.

In his habilitation thesis Hitlers Strategie Andreas Hillgruber worked out the motifs of the Nazi state based on racial ideological basis for the war against the Soviet Union:.


Later, Hillgruber explicitly described the character of the Eastern Front as "intended racial-ideological war of annihilation". The concept of the war of annihilation was intensely discussed in the s with reference to the Wehrmachtsausstellung of the Hamburg Institute for Social Research , which carried the word " Vernichtungskrieg " in the title. Kampf zweier Weltanschauungen gegeneinander. Der Kommunist ist vorher kein Kamerad und nachher kein Kamerad.

Es handelt sich um einen Vernichtungskampf. Fight two worldviews against each other. Devastating verdict on Bolshevism is equal to antisocial criminality. Communism immense danger for the future. We have to move away from the position comradeship between soldiers. The communist is not a comrade before and not a comrade afterwards.

It is a battle of annihilation. If we do not take it that way, we will beat the enemy, but in 30 years the Communist enemy will be facing us again. We are not waging war to preserve the enemy. Fight against Russia: destruction of Bolshevik commissioners and Communist intelligence.

The fight will be very different from the fight in the West. In the east, hardness is mild for the future. The leaders must ask the victim to overcome their concerns. But the rest are mostly either so obviously wrong that I think most teachers and editors would still definitely correct them, or so uncommon that I haven't ever noticed them -- for instance, most of the supposed changes in meaning 'Felon' I hadn't ever really thought about; I suppose I might misuse it, though it's not the kind of word that comes up from day to day. To me it has a slightly different meaning than 'enthusiastic.

Comment 14 'Not enthused' we say in our family, but only in kind of a sarcastic sense. Ist der Anklang an "not amused" Zufall oder beabsichtigt? Comment My father often says he's not enthused about something. I managed not to pick up the habit, but it doesn't bother me that he says it. When it is used in place of "rave about" or "gush over", though, it is hard to take.

Apparently the verb "enthuse" is a back-formation from the noun enthusiasm and will probably ultimately take its place alongside many other back-formations that have reached stage 5. The word "fun" has an interesting history.

Sport; vulgar merriment. A low word. As an adjective, "fun" has been around for at least 35 years there's an entry in my Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. It sounds okay to me when used as a predicate adjective -- the trip was fun -- but attributively it sounds very informal, colloquial. And not really complete as an adjective. It doesn't sound too strange to talk or write informally about "a fun trip" but it sounds quite odd to me to talk about "a more fun trip" or "a most fun trip".

And no one would lobby for funner and funnest, would they?

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And then there is "fun" as a verb, which, I fun you not, also appears in my trusty Webster's. The verb "impact" still bothers me, but it appears so often in print and is heard so frequently in broadcast media that I wonder if it isn't already at stage 4.

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The Garner book was published in ; in the past 6 years the use of "impact" seems to have increased dramatically, being used even in rather mundane situations in which "affect" or "influence" would have less sense of hyperbole: "The researchers concluded that this low level of intensity may have impacted the results. Since he mostly deals with written language, the filler "so" -- more of a verbal tic -- was probably not on his radar.

It doesn't seem out of place in informal speech, though, if used as a shortcut for "Given that" or "That having been said, Does the LEO thread mentioned in 14 cite any written sources? Language change is inevitable but is nevertheless rather unsettling when one is in the middle of it.

I'm still trying to get my arms around the use of "hot under the collar" for "sexually aroused" as opposed to "angry, indignant". Comment Zu 15's "Ist der Anklang an "not amused" Zufall oder beabsichtigt? For me, at least, "I'm not amused " doesn't come to mind if I say or hear "I'm not enthused ".

However, the similarity in meaning and sound likely opened the way for ever wider adoption of enthuse as a verb. I mean, it seems logical, doesn't it? Also, "I'm not enthused", isn't used quite the same way as "I'm not amused. Comment Zu Nr. Der Sinn von "proaktiv" z. Bei LEDs mag's noch angehen, aber wie klingt z. Meine Tochter macht jetzt eine ABM. In der Blutprobe fand man den HIV.

Oder Drogeriemarkt statt DM-Markt. Tust Du? Comment Wieso kann man nicht sagen: Ich geh zu DM? Comment HI-Virus. There's nothing redundant about this one.

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I say ATM machine all the time. Of course, being an egghead, I know full well that it's redundant, so no finger pointing, please. All these damned acronyms are hard enough to learn as they are, let alone trying to parse each of them each time one speaks in order to leave parts of them off so they'll fit grammatically.

Should one really be taught that an ATM is, in "proper, educated speech", an AT if one is going to say the word "machine" after it, but perhaps something else if one is going to put some other word after it? Isn't that rather as inane as reinventing, say, strong and weak adjective inflection, and then teaching children that it's important to use them, something which I'd think we'd all would agree, now that we know languages that don't use them, is often of no more value than as an exercise in logic? Oh, the subject is just too moot, isn't it?

Imagine how different our, uh.. We are all farting in the wind with each of our particular little pet peeves here. At its root, all of this has to do with our fears about the future well-being of culture and civilization, isn't it? Who can say? Comment Btw, to you native German speakers, whom grammatical "errors" easily grate on the ears: I'd say you've got your hands full attempting to teach an entire new generation of Arabic-speaking people all the nonsensical genders of nouns and how to match adjectives and cases with them.

I think you can pretty much let go of any thoughts that genders of nouns —let alone capitalizing each and every one of them— will matter to anyone, or at least retain any semblance of what the are today, in thirty years. Darauf fallen wir nicht rein. Comment 28, Ups, ja. Comment Hairy German Cumshot Hardcore. German Milf.